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 Content of the website-

  • The information and materials offered or  found on our  website  are  subject to inaccuracies and errors .We are not giving any guarantee or warranty  regarding the accuracy, performance,  suitability  or completeness regarding the content offered on our website.

Modifying the terms-

  • We keep the right of changing the terms and conditions of this website time to time, and these are instantly effective from the date the terms are  updated on website. Your constant use of the website will automatically implied that you have accepted all the terms and conditions of this website. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully.


  • In order to attain the benefits of the service of website, the user  have  to log in to our website. Terms related to the privacy of   user’s personal information are in compliance with the terms mentioned in our privacy policy. You must be in accordance that the information that you provided like name, contact number, age and other information must be correct and updated at all times using the website. The user must be responsible for the security of their own sensitive personal information that they   provide  like  accounts, passwords, credit and debit card details and other details and the user will  also be accountable for all the actions taken on the behalf  of other  users account .Any information that is necessary for the law enforcement or necessary for government officials can be disclosed if needed .  If you are perceiving that the information that have  provided on our website is at risk of breach of privacy, you must contact us   through   the contact information provided on our website. If we see  any violation of your  personal information that you provided for logging in on  our part, we will surely   help you to fix this by providing you new passwords or permanently block your account for safety concerns.
  • We have the authority for cancelling or suspending the log in accounts if we perceive any violation  regarding   the terms that we mentioned above.

 Term  regarding Users information-

  • The authority and responsibility    of the content that is  provided  on our website like by users like  communications through chats and messages or any information e-mailed like photos ,videos, audio files is in users hand and he or she should have  proper permissions to use this information on our websites.
  • It is also to be mentioned that by using this website and also for the purpose of providing you better service  we can use the information   provided by you  for adaptation, modification or creating other works or making it publicly available however with limited access and  compliance with our privacy policy.
  • We are under no liability  or responsibility regarding   the quality and correctness of information (collectively content) that users provide on website. In case of   any damage occurred because of any objectionable or offensive content provided  by  users, we are not under any  liability to fulfill any claims that are connected with information provided by users on website.
  • The links of other websites may be available on our websites for additional  convenience, however we are not responsible for the content and material that these other websites have posted on their own respective websites.

 Restriction of liability–

  • It is to be  noted   that   while  accessing our  website, there can be some errors or interruption while using our website, results  may vary and may not meet the specific requirements. It is also to be noted that in no situation our company or related associates are not  liable for any cause or action related to effectiveness of website and its terms, contents and any negligence by users.


  • The results of products that are mentioned on our website may not be effective for everyone and these are not made for prevention of any disease, so if you are treating  some major disease ,please consult the usage of product  with a physician before using any product.

 Property right of material-

  • The material and content that are available on the website like images, videos, text   and any other data is owned by us or  our associates under the Indian and international intellectual property laws.  Software that are  available on website for user’s convenience are also our own property or owned by our associates that we licensed to make material for us. So the material or content available on  website  is prohibited to be reproduced, copied, distributed in any ways directly or indirectly  either in electronic or non electronic form .However with the written consent given by company  you can use  and also make modifications in the material of the website with limited usage  as mentioned on the consent agreement. The written consent for using the website’s material only means using it  personally and does not mean  any changes or modifications in website’s  layout or downloading or copying website’s , material for any commercial purpose other than mentioned in the written or expressed consent.

  Availability of product and pricing-

  • The price and availability of the product that is mentioned on the website can be subject to change. If any technical error regarding  product  such as  incorrect price   is mentioned on website, the company has the right to  modify the price or cancel the order unless it is delivered.

 Governed by law-

  • All the terms mentioned here are in accord with the Indian laws
  • If you have any complaints or grievance queries contact us at info@kassaya.com