Privacy Policy

This privacy policy illustrates how the Information provided by users is utilized and protected, when they are accessing our website This privacy policy is originated in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000(IT Act).

The  website  under the domain name is owned by Protocare India.

It is defined that by operating or accessing our website, thus means giving the consent to accepting to the terms of this privacy policy. It is also to be noted that, there are some third party links of other organizations on our website, which may redirect you to other websites that can have their own privacy policies. We encourage   everyone to read other organizations privacy policies that   doesn’t come in our sphere of responsibility. We cannot own any responsibility for protecting any information that you provide on other websites. It is also to be noted   that if the users are not in compliance with our privacy  policy they should not submit their personal and sensitive personal information on our website.

 We may collect the following information

  • Personal identifiable and contact information such as name, contact number, e- mail address etc. that may be necessary to access specific areas of website like registering or log in to the website, on the other hand you can easily browse other segments of the website without  any  registration .
  • Sensitive  personal identifying information for instance can be, the information related to passwords, bank accounts information, debit or credit card details, medical records, physical condition etc. It also includes information related to preferences and interests of specific products and services, location information such as postcode and other data related to customer surveys and offers. 

 How we gather information-

  • We may use many instruments and tools to gather the information such as through mobile devices, and web browsers that you use to access the website or custom applications (apps)
  • Cookies- Cookies are small text files which asks permissions from users to be accepted, so that they can be placed at your computer’s  hard drive to customize your interactions with our website and make it user friendly. Using the cookies will help tailoring the content   of the website according to your needs, likes and preferences, in case of not accepting the cookies the website may not function properly. Cookies   enable the users to attain better and useful information and also remembers the previous information provided by users, which they may not get if they reject the cookies. Many web browsers automatically accept cookies, you can review the settings of your current browser, by modifying the setting and declining the cookies  if you don’t want accept cookies.   
  • Other supplementary information such as the time spent on each page, every click that you make on any promotional, marketing, customer offers, giveaways, this information   is attained every time you access the website from the web browsers.

 Terms about the information-

  • Our  Website   provides   very general ideas about various operations on the website and we will not be liable for any loss arising  from the information provided in website, that can in the form of  financial or data loss. We make no guarantees or representations either   expressed   or implied about the accuracy, reliability, availability, functioning related to the content   that is provided on our website. Any trust that you make on the information provided on the website is subject to your own risk and we will not be liable for any damage arising because of the content provided on the website.

 How we utilize the information that we gathered-

  • The personal information provided by you such as e-mail, contact number can be used to send and update you  about the new products offers, promotional activities and special offers that is of your interest. We may also use your e-mail and contact number to provide the answers to the queries asked by you regarding products and services.
  • The added utilization of your personal information will be a great tool for our website to make improvements in our products and services according to your preferences and help build the relationship between you and the company. It will also helpful for understanding your needs for better service.
  • We may also need the information provided by you  for internal record keeping, mainly for business and operational purposes, the data may also be provided to our subsidiaries, partners, vendors and suppliers etc. for providing you the best quality in terms of customer and guest support.
  • There are many services such as credit, debit card processing services, website hosting, promotional campaigns, shipping services  which are given by external independent organizations. They may need some information regarding the customer. Although we do not provide personally identifiable information to any external organization. These organizations also need personal information of users, but we assure you that information is not identifiable.

 Security of gathered information-

  • We will make sure that the information that you provide on our website is safe. For this we implemented a variety of measures like password protected directories and SSL (secured sockets  layered) for full encryption  and also scanning information measures for protecting information from data hackers.
  • For preventing unauthorized access or disclosure we have executed many physical, managerial and electronic measures for safeguarding your personal information.
  • You should also not disclose your personal or sensitive information like username or password for your own data security, as it can be really fruitful for hackers to exploit your personal information data.

 Policy modification-

 We may update this privacy policy page time to time for  updations,  whenever you visit the website please read the terms of privacy. Accessing our website after the changes made in website’s privacy policy  will automatically implies that, you are in compliance with the privacy policy and agrees to the new revised policy.

For any complaint or grievance related or subject to the personal privacy protection or you want any additional information regarding the privacy concerns  contact  us  at