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About Us

Natural Beauty & Skin Care Brand

Kassaya is a natural beauty and skin care brand crafted with natural herbs and antioxidants which are relevant for tackling 21st century’s skin care problems . At Kassaya, we make our products using honest and transparent methods. You can read about each and every ingredient that we add in our products which means, “what’s on the label is, what’s in the bottle”. We encourage everyone to feel beautiful and be comfortable in their own skin, not to be running after unrealistic results that are unattainable. The ideology of our brand revolves around regular betterment and growth of one’s own skin as opposed to craving for unrealistic beauty standards. Our brand is keen on providing effective solutions to your regular skin issues using the benefits of natural ingredients .

At present environmental factors such as air pollution, UVA radiation, excessive central heating or air conditioning, dirt and stress negatively impact the health of our skin and results in skin problems like uneven skin tone, dryness, acne, blemishes, oily skin and many other skin ailments .

We, at Kassaya will provide you with a rich variety of products made collectively with nature’s best to overcome all those skin problems that you face without the fear of any allergens. Our line of skin care products are safe, sustainable and most importantly, effective. All our products are enriched with natural herbs and modern day antioxidants as we bring together the traditions of conventional ways of personal care with modern sustainable methods to make your skin feel refreshed after the stressful impact of hustle and bustle of the city on your skin. Our products are toxin free and made without harming any animals and also without disturbing the skin’s delicate pH balance, so you and your loved ones can be at peace knowing that you are getting the best and you do not have to think twice before choosing the products from Kassaya.