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How to improve skin elasticity naturally

Skin’s elasticity is one of the properties of skin that lets the skin work like a rubber band, when stretched bounce back to its original shape. Elasticity keeps your skin smooth, youthful, firm and slightly stretchy. Collagen and elastin are two proteins...

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Benefits Antioxidants for Skin Care - Kassaya

Antioxidants are substances that are able to fight and protect the skin from free radicals, the oxidative damage that is generated by environmental pollutants and UV rays. Basically antioxidants help to defend the skin against pollution and environmental damages. Antioxidants work to...

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How to Protect Skin from Air Pollution - kassaya

Air  pollution  is the aggregate of the pollutants released by  the  human activities  such as  chemical and petroleum  refineries, manufacturing by-products, automobile and truck exhaust, small particulate matter(including many volatile organic compounds in form of aerosols),smog and cigarette smoke. These pollutants penetrates...

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How to get rid of Pimples easily - Kassya

Pimples and Acne are used interchangeably, however acne is a disorder and pimple is one of its symptoms. Acne is a long term chronic skin disorder with multiple breakouts all over the skin. Acne can be of many types like whiteheads, blackheads,...

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How Aloe Vera is beneficial for face Skin - Kassaya

Aloe Vera with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is widely used in many cosmetics and skincare products.  It is a plant of the cactus family and recognized because of a gel like substance, more like a transparent gel found inside the leaves...

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Ideal Skincare Routine for Radiant Skin - Kassaya

Skin can be of certain types like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin.  It’s on you to determine what your skin type is, as your skin cannot speak and tell you about this. A combination skin, as the name...

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