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Why it is important to keep your skin clean and healthy?

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As our skin is the largest organ of our body, it works really hard to protect the body from the harmful effects. Skin helps the body in many ways like controlling the body temperature and also works as a protective barrier for body against the harmful rays of sun. As skin is full of nerves it permits sensory touches so that we can feel pain, heat or cold, without knowing these feelings our body can get badly hurt, without even knowing it. Skin health is not only important for increasing the appearance, it also helps to protect the body from dangerous viruses and bacterium, as your skin is the organ that gets into contact with the outer world.

Our skin is affected by almost every aspect of our lifestyle, like what we eat, what we drink and also where we work indoors or outdoors, where we live. Dryness and impurities of skin also effects the health of the skin to a great extend. However with immense responsibilities of making a balance between personal life and work life, it is hard sometimes for maintaining the health of skin. As our skin changes all the time, and indulged in performing many important tasks for the body, it is really important to keep our skin clean and healthy so that it can perform all the tasks efficiently and adequately.

Why it is important to keep your skin clean and healthy - Kassaya

The reasons why we should keep our Skin Clean and Healthy.

1. For Removing Dirt and Bacteria - Keeping the skin clean by cleansing the skin, especially face can be really essential in eradicating all the dirt, bacteria, viruses, oil and other unwanted pollutants, that cover your face throughout the day. Removing these impurities can make your skin look good and healthy.

2. Health Benefits - Our skin is the one of the most important organ of our body, as it works as protective barrier for our skin. By protecting the body from viruses and harmful bacteria, ultimately leads to prevent the body for getting sick. Skin also helps to protect the internal organs. So it is our utmost duty to keep our skin clean and healthy, so that it can perform its actions efficiently.

3. Hydration - For a healthy skin hydrating is really important. Applying a good moisturizer everyday and drinking adequate amount of water everyday can help in maintaining an efficient level of hydration. Dehydrated skin can develop a rough and wrinkle skin and it can be irritated also if not hydrated adequately. A hydrated skin will also help in maintaining the skin’s pH balance.

4. Maintaining Body Temperature - Our skin plays an important role in protecting the body as well as maintaining the temperature of the body. Our skin regulates the temperature of body through blood vessels and by using the process of sweating. When your body gets too hot, the capillaries near the surface of the skin will enlarge to increase the blood flow, eventually your body will start sweating. It will result in cooling down the temperature of the body when the water evaporates from your skin.

When you are too cold, your body shivers in order to contract the blood vessels for making your body warm.  So it is really important to take care of your skin as it really helps in maintaining the adequate body temperature.

5. Maintaining the Good Skin - Shedding of skin cells is a constant and daily process and also new and fresh cells generated constantly. For maintaining a glowing and healthy skin, the skin needs a daily skin care routine because the skin you have today will be shedding tomorrow. With aging the process of generation of new skin cells becomes slow. So a proper skin care routine including cleansing, toning and moisturizing will surely make your skin healthy. Try it your skin will surely thank you later.

6. Prevents Acne and Spots - There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of acne and other skin spots like excessive sebum, hormonal imbalance etc., however poor hygiene of skin is also one of the major reasons for acne. When too much bacteria and dirt gathered in plugged pores of skin, it results in acne, inflammation and other skin ailments. For preventing the occurrence of acne, cleaning your skin is really important for wiping out all the dirt and bacteria that creates acne, blemishes and other skin spots.

7. Comfortable Skin - Regular cleansing will surely make your skin healthy and comfortable. Without proper cleansing your skin will be prone to acne, rashes, wrinkles or irritating skin.

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