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10 Most damaging skincare mistakes that everyone makes

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With the continual stress and depression of the world making us feel low, it is really important to take care of ourselves as well as our skin. We have best intentions to making our skin better, however we do some extreme thing  for improving the appearance of the skin, but sometime we ends up in damaging our skin without even realizing it. Evaluating our skin care regime, and locating the harmful techniques in a skin care routine can be really beneficial for making our skin better and healthy, otherwise we will end up achieving the opposite of what we want. Below are the most widespread skincare mistakes or “skincare sins” we can call, and how to avoid them.

1. Too much exfoliation - Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells from skin and aids in the regeneration of new and fresh cell for preventing dry and flaky skin. Excessive exfoliation/scrubbing, if you are doing it on a daily basis, can do more harm than good. Over exfoliation can eradicate the protective barrier of your skin, which leads to your skin get exposed to sun damage and environmental toxins. It can result in skin without moisture, dry, flaky or skin inflammation. Exfoliate 2 times a week maximum, with a gentle and soft exfoliant for better results.

2. Touching and picking at face - Constantly picking and touching your skin can create irritation and damage your skin. Hands usually carry a lot of bacteria on them, hence touching your face constantly can transfer bacteria and dirt on face, which can lead to scarring, breakouts and clogged pores also. Most of us do this without even realizing it, when we are in stress touching chin, cheek or forehead. Try to stop touching the face and get your hands busy in something else, your skin will surely thank you.

3. Skipping moisturizing after cleansing - Cleansing may also remove moisture from the skin, and makes it too dry, which can lead to loosing the ability to make lipid and essential protein with essential building blocks, that develops the outer protective layer of skin. Using a moisturizer every time you cleanse can be really beneficial for retaining moisture of the skin and helps in preventing dry and itchy skin. A good moisturizer will surely help to lock the moisture and prevent the water from evaporating from the face by creating a protective layer.

4. Not using enough sunscreen - Excessive sun exposure can be really harmful for skin ,as it can cause premature aging,  sunspots , skin damage and even lead to skin cancer. Sunscreen acts as a barrier against the harmful UV rays. Wear sunscreen every day even it is sunny or cloudy. Use at least 30 SPF sunscreen for proper protection, from the harmful sun damage.

5. Not washing pillowcases properly - Your pillows can accumulate dust, or dirt particle, which if not washed frequently can affect your skin. It can result in blemishes on face and also clogged pores. Wash it once a week with hot water to kill all the bacteria and dust for acne prone skin.

6. Changing the cosmetics too often - Often changing the skin care products can lead to skin irritation and allergies. Many skincare companies keep showing us different categories of skin care products that we tend to purchase. You should stick to a product that will suits your skin best, besides running for different products.

7. Hot showers - Long hot showers in winters can make your skin dry. Shower everyday is necessary; however we should avoid long hot showers and should switch to 5 to 10 minutes shower with warm, not hot water.

8. Not removing makeup - Not removing the makeup while going to sleep can also effect the skin. It can lead to plugged pores, acne, blemishes and other skin ailments. Cleansing the skin with just mere water, will not remove all the makeup and all day’s dirt, use make up cleansers or cleansing oil or cleansing balm for removing the makeup before going to sleep.

9. Face wipes - Face wipes are used to remove the makeup or oil from the skin, however they also extract the essential oils from the skin also. Face wipes can be used on rare occasion, but should not be used on daily basis.

10. Ignoring the neck - We use to ignore our neck, when it comes to skin care. Neck is also get exposed to sun, it also needs protection also. Gently cleanse and moisturize your neck in upward motion for best results.

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