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How Tea Tree Face Oil Wash is beneficial for treating Acne

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 Tea Tree oil also known as Melaleuca oil, derived from Melaleuca tree native to Australia. It is globally recognized for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Terpens available in Tea Tree oil with its anti-bacterial properties tackles the bacteria causing the acne from the roots, which ultimately minimizes the occurrence of acne. Tea Tree oil also helps to make the skin soft and smooth. Tea Tree oil should not be applied directly on skin; it should be diluted with oil or carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. This Australian native oil is best in preventing excessive oil and reducing the pore size.

How Acne occurs

 Acne happens when the hair follicles plugged. The skin pores are accumulated with dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. Large pores become blackheads, while small pores become whiteheads. It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition and about 80% people experience acne in their life.  Acne might occur on forehead, shoulder, chest or upper back because most of the oil glands are there.

Main triggers or causes of acne can be-

  1. Excessive oil generation by sebaceous glands, which results in bacteria accumulation on skin pores.
  2. Hormonal Imbalance
  3. Slow exfoliation process that leads to dead skin cells getting trapped in skin pores.
  4. Bacterial infection like propionibacterium.
  5. Hygiene and diet.

Skin Anti Acne Face Wash Tea Tree Oil - Kassaya

Tea Tree enabled Face Wash for treating Acne -

Face Wash cleansers are really essential and beneficial in any skin care regime.  When your face have to go through all day’s  dirt, bacteria, sun damage and other pollutants harmful for the skin, It can result in acne, blemishes, pimples  and other skin ailments. You need a face wash that can treat all the skin problems both for oily and dry skin without damaging your skin. Use Kassaya Tea Tree face wash enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Neem and Green Tea extracts and other complimentary ingredients for minimizing and preventing the occurrence of acne, blemishes, pimples, oily skin and other skin ailments and give your skin a vibrant and glowing look.

How Tea tree oil prevents acne -

Terpinen-4-ol present in Tea Tree oil is rich with microbial properties for tackling a specific  bacterial infection called propionibacterium that causes inflammation , that results in acne. Tea Tree helps to control the excessive sebum (oil), which will diminish the size of the skin pores so that less oil gets accumulated in skin pores, which will ultimately leads to acne prone skin.

Tea Tree oil able to mix up with the natural oils produced by sebaceous glands and it also helps to cleanse and penetrate the pores easily, which proves ultimately beneficial in eradicating the growth of harmful bacteria that causes acne and other skin ailments. Tea Tree oil is not only helpful in preventing acne, but also helps to reduce the scars and calming the redness and swelling also. Using a Tea Tree enabled face wash can be really beneficial and works as rescuer for all those people who often found there self in continual acne cycle.

Tea Tree oil is also rich with nourishing properties for providing the adequate moisture to the skin as well as treating acne. For treating acne effectively you should also maintain cleanliness and hygiene on your own part, as well eating healthy diet and reduce the intake of oily food items. Tea Tree oil is also a safe choice as it is free from carcinogens so you can use it more oftenly than any other chemical product.

For Oily Skin - The antiseptic abilities of Tea Tree oil is really beneficial in controlling the overactive sebaceous glands, which is ultimately effective in preventing the excessive sebum (oil) production. Controlling the excessive sebum production omitted by skin can be really beneficial in preventing the skin from acne and other skin ailments.

For Dry Skin - Tea Tree oil is also helpful in soothing and calming the itchiness and irritation caused by dry skin. It also helps to calm the redness and swelling of the skin.

Top tea tree oil face wash for Oily & Dry Skin - Kassaya

Face wash cleansers are unskippable in any skin care regime. Kassaya Tea Tree wash with its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of Tea Tree oil, Green tea and Neem extracts and other complimentary ingredients are really effective in tackling acne, blemishes and other skin ailments for both oily and dry skin. It is also free from harmful chemicals like Paraben and Sulphate, so you can use it without the fear of any allergens.

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