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How to take care of your face naturally

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Healthy skin is really important as it reflects our overall health. With so many products in the market, customer has so many options to choose from. However even with continuously following a proper skincare routine, sometimes you didn’t get the desired results. Don’t worry you can still take care of your face and skin naturally by adopting a healthy lifestyle and natural skin care techniques. By following this you can surely prevent many skin care problems to a great extend. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best natural skin care tips to take care of your face and skin naturally.

1. Limit hanging out too much in the sun - Too much exposure to the sun can be harmful to your skin. It can cause various skincare problems such as wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, tan etc. You may also found fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead area. Always wear sunscreen with at least 15 SPF or above whenever you go outside for longer durations.

Wear protective clothing whenever you go outside during the peak hours of the day like 10: am to 5:pm. Prefer wearing long sleeves shirt, long pants, a cap and other accessories that can cover and protect your body properly from the harmful UV rays exposure of the sun. Wear protective shades for protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to the sun can affect the skin around your eyes also. By following all these procedures you protect your skin from harmful exposure to the sun.

2. Keep your skin hydrated - Drinking water adequately can be beneficial for our overall health as well as skin also. Our skin is made of cells and it needs water to function well. Drinking at least 8 hours of water every day can be useful for eliminating and flushing out all the toxins from the body that helps the body function well. It helps in achieving flawless and clear skin by preventing dark circles and puffiness.

To achieve healthier and glowing skin we can also eat fruits and vegetables that have a high intake of water such as watermelon, orange etc. drinking water helps the functioning of the body well that helps achieve flawless and glowing skin that you always wanted.

How to take care of your face naturally

3. Do not pick at your skin - Make it a proper rule. Do not pick or touch your pimples, especially after applying makeup. Hands carry a lot of bacteria, so when you touch your skin or pick your pimples with your hands it can cause acne, pimples etc.

 We know everyone has a temptation of touching the face, cheeks, chin especially when we are under stress, however, it transfers the bacteria back into the skin pores and can cause many skin care problems. Try to busy your hands somewhere when you have the urge to touch your face.

4. Eat healthy foods - Eating healthy foods can make your skin look healthy and glowing. It is rightly said you are what you eat. A diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins like fruits, green veggies, proteins, whole grains etc. is beneficial for maintaining healthier and younger-looking skin that you always want to achieve.

Many foods make our skin looks unhealthy like processed foods, foods with high sugar intake, fried and spicy foods, salty foods which can disturb the functioning of the skin cells and may cause many skincare problems. To promote a healthy-looking younger and radiant, you should start following a healthy and rich diet. It can surely make you look beautiful and healthy.

Tips How to Take Care of Your Skin Look Naturally each skin care

5. Don’t smoke - Out of the many reasons smoking is harmful it is also bad for your skin health. It decreases the blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin. It reduces the adequate flow of oxygen that is necessary for skin health. It damages the free radicals and thus causes wrinkles and other skin problems. Smoking also damages the fibres like collagen and elastin that is necessary for skin's elasticity and strength, so that when stretched bounce back to their original shape. If you want to maintain healthy skin throughout your life you have to quit smoking, you can take suggestions from your doctors regarding various techniques to quit smoking.

6. Manage your stress - When we are too much stressed our body produces a hormone called cortisol. It is good till is controlled but once it is uncontrolled it can cause many skincare problems like acne breakouts, skin loses the glow also. Stress also damages the skin’ ability to retain moisture. To achieve healthy and glowing skin, you can try stress release techniques like breathing, meditation, enough sleep, yoga. You will surely see good results after implementing these techniques in your lifestyle. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will surely help you achieve flawless and glowing skin that you have always wanted.

7. Exercise regularly - Running, jogging and other exercises are really helpful for accelerating the blood circulation in the entire body. It is beneficial for overall health as well as for our skin also. You will surely see glowing skin after continuously doing exercise after some days.

Regular exercise helps to circulate the blood flow in our body; it helps in achieving glowing skin by spreading various nutrients and oxygen all over the skin cells. Exercise helps to reduce the stress hormones also known as cortisol. It also helps our skin to repair itself.

8. Take proper sleep - Good sleep for at least 8 hours is beneficial for your overall health and skin also. If you do not take adequate sleep it can harm the health of the skin. It can cause fine lines wrinkles and other skin problems also. Good sleep also decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause many skincare problems like marks, skin discolouration etc. Most importantly when we take proper sleep our skin repairs itself by giving relief to our stress hormones.

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