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How Air Pollution effects Skin

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Air  pollution  is the aggregate of the pollutants released by  the  human activities  such as  chemical and petroleum  refineries, manufacturing by-products, automobile and truck exhaust, small particulate matter(including many volatile organic compounds in form of aerosols),smog and cigarette smoke. These pollutants penetrates skin’s surface first (also known as skin barrier). The damage of skin’s surface leads to deterioration of skin and make it easy for the air pollutants to negatively affect the skin. The small   airborne pollutants reached to the small pores of the skin and caused Acne and other skin ailments. That is the reason why protecting skin’s surface is really important for maintaining skin’s health and experience.

 The list of problems that these airborne pollutants cause are as follows

  1. Acne, Uneven and dull skin.
  2. Breakdown of skin’s supportive elements (wrinkles) and enlarged pores.
  3. Redness, dry and sensitive skin.


How Does Air Pollution affect Skin - Your skin is the reflection of your health. But when even after using all the best techniques and products, your skin is losing its   glow, it can be the cause of air pollution. The blend of smog and particular matter which comes from the exhaust of car, metal and industrial gases can have negative impacts on skin and leads to irritation, premature aging and other skin ailments. Not only outdoor but indoor air pollution like PM 2.5 and cigarette smoking can also have fatal effects on skin like dryness, itchiness and skin aging.

How does air Pollution affect skin environmental pollution

How to Protect Skin from Air Pollution - You can protect your skin and overall health from the harmful effects of air pollution by attaining high anti-oxidant diet and supplements and using products for cleansing your skin, that are enriched with ingredients and  specially made for tackling the common pollutants of air pollutions.

Below are the various ways by which you can protect your skin from air pollution.

1. Deep Cleansing with Micellar Water - Micellar water is rich with micelles, the small cleansing molecules that removes every single particle of dirt and dust and feels gentle like water on skin.

2. Diet and Hydration - Diet enriched with anti-oxidants like, berries, citrus foods, leafy foods and seafood plays a big role in fighting oxidations that are caused by air pollutants.

Drinking plenty of water helps to flushing out toxins and provide   essential anti-oxidants. It also helps your body to hydrate and replenish moisture that is extracted by the air pollutants.

3. Antioxidants - Include antioxidant rich products to your skin care for fighting oxidations that can cause to age prematurely when exposed to harmful air pollutants. It can also protects skin from UV rays and smog particles that penetrates harmful chemicals deep into your skin.

4. Moisturize the Skin - Moisturizers are advisable to nourish the skin, especially after the harmful effects of pollution that makes the skin dull and unhealthy. The antioxidants in moisturizers increase cell generation that leads to diminish the appearance of damages of pollutants on your skin.

5. Scrub - Scrubbing is effective in healing the ill effects of pollution. Layer of chemicals can cause inflammation by air pollutants, so cleansing of skin with scrub especially walnuts scrub is a skin care necessity.

6. Face Wash - With the non-exfoliating and antioxidant features face wash helps in removing the dirt and grime from the face, it works great with lukewarm water and helps cleansing the skin and prevents from harmful chemicals.

7. Sunscreen - Sunscreen gives a sun block protection by creating a layer of protection on skin, thus safeguarding the skin from UV induced damage. It also helps to trap the smog particles and helps prevents damaging the skin from the harsh air pollutants. You can also use a skin care regimen (a serum or a daily moisturizer).

How to protect skin from air pollution

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