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Different Weather, Different skin care regime

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With changes in weather it also tends to change our lifestyle.  Our body also have to adapt to the changing weather, so do our skin changing to oilier or drier or cause breakouts. Weather changes our eating habits to our wardrobe. Skin also tends to change with the rotation of weather.

The fluctuations in humidity, temperature and air, with the changes in weather, also effects skin to a great extent. Skin can become oilier in summer and dry in winter or it can cause breakouts like acne, blemishes, pimples and redness on skin. Whether it is the dreaded and harsh season of winter or warm and sweaty summer season, both affect skin in their own ways.

Essential Changes in Skincare when Weather Changes from Warm/Summer to Cold/Winter

Winter season results in dry and dull skin because of the decrease in humidity levels and temperature. It can also cause breakouts in skin. If you don’t take the proper protection from the harsh, dry situations of the winter, your skin will end in dry and patchy skin.

Different Weather Different skin care regime - Kassaya

Tips for Skincare Regime in Winter -

1. Sunscreen - It is often a misconception that sunscreen should only be used in summers or warm weathers. Sunlight reflect ultraviolet(UV) rays which can be a harmful exposure for skin even in winter, results in damaging skin and even cause skin cancer also. Antioxidant infused broad spectrum sunscreen can be used in winters, with SPF 15 or higher.

How to Choose Skin Care Regime Different Weather - Kassaya

2. Moisturize - Cold weather will naturally make your skin scaly and dry. Moisturizing will surely help your skin to get the proper hydration that is needed. For winters use thick creamy moisturizer, that will surely tackle the dry skin.

3. Cleansing and Exfoliation - For winters face wash cleansers should be oil based or cream based for more effectiveness . As winter makes your skin more dry, the oil or cream based moisturizer will surely help to trap the moisture of the skin and makes your skin less dry.

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells from the skin, giving the skin a vibrant and rejuvenating look. However in winter a gentle enzymes based exfoliator/ scrub should be used, so that it cannot effect the skin negatively. Another important thing is that exfoliation should not be done too frequently in winters.

4. Avoid Long Showers - According to studies long hot showers can make your skin dry in winters. Shower everyday is necessary, however we should avoid long hot showers and should switch to 5 or 10 minute shower with warm, not hot water in winters.

Essential Changes in Skincare when Weather Changes from Cold/Winter to Warm/Summer

The scorching heat of the sun especially in summers can really affect your skin. In summers sebaceous glands of skin tends to produce more oil because body needs to cool itself because of the increase in humidity and warm in the atmosphere. The oily skin in summer can result in breakouts like acne, blemishes etc. Transitioning the skin care routine according to the summer conditions can be really beneficial for maintaining the healthy and dry skin before the problem occurs.

Tips for Skincare Regime in Summer -

1. Changes in Cleansers and Exfoliation - In summers specifically because of the excessive oil produced by skin, many skin ailments like acne, blemishes etc. occur. A gel or water based face cleanser should be used in warm weather, to remove bacteria to prevent acne, blemishes and other skin breakouts.

A fruit acid based exfoliator should be used to exfoliate the skin in summers, to prevent the excessive oil production by sebaceous glands in summer.

2. Moisturizer - A lighter and non greasy moisturizer should be used in summer, as in warm weather skin also needs moisturization but with a light feel on skin.

3. Less Makeup - Minimal or less facial makeup will make your skin hydrated. Excessive Makeup will increase the humidity level and decrease the skin’s ability to breathe it out. Use light and organic based products on skin, in order make a way for skin to breathe and rest.

4. Hydration - Hydration is always key for our body and for skin also, specifically in summers when we sweat a lot and needs more hydration. Applying a face mask couple of times a week will surely make your skin hydrated and smoother and it will also help to remove bacteria and excessive oil from the skin.

Minimum eight to ten glass of water will be really beneficial for maintaining the hydration of the body, and it directly reflect on skin also. Drinking water also helps to flush out all the toxins and results in vibrant looking skin.

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