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How Tea Tree oil prevents Acne

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Tea tree oil which is derived from the Melaleuca tree native to Australia.  Melaleuca leaves are distilled in order to prepare Tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil has garnered a recent popularity due to its anti bacterial and inflammatory properties, the reason why it is used in many skin care products. The terpenes available in tea tree oil aids in eradicating the bacteria from the root, for diminishing the effects of acne on the skin. This terpens rich natural ingredient can be more effective in treating acne, than benzoyl peroxide. The healing   properties of this Australian native oil works really well for reducing the pore size, which ultimately leads to prevent acne.  Tea tree oil is beneficial for a wide range of skin ailments, especially for its excellent acne fighting properties.

What causes Acne?

Acne is a skin condition when bacteria, oil and dirt gathered in our skin pores. The large pores become blackheads, while small pores results in whiteheads.  It is known as chronic inflammatory skin condition according to scientific terms. About 80% of people experienced acne in their lifetime. Acne might occur on face, forehead, shoulder, chest or upper back because most of the oil glands are there. When the skin’s natural exfoliation process slow down, it results in low shedding of dead skin cells that leads to accumulation of dead skin cells with bacteria.

How Tea Tree oil prevents Acne

The main causes of acne can be

  1. Generation of excessive oil by sebaceous glands, which results in oily skin and bacteria accumulation.
  2. Hormonal imbalance, diet and hygiene.
  3. Bacterial infection like propionibacterium.
  4. Slow exfoliation process that leads to dead skin cells and bacteria getting trapped in skin pores, that is one of the main reason for acne prone skin.

How Tea tree oil treats Acne - Tea tree cannot be used directly on the skin, should be mixed with oil or carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Terpinen-4-ol present in Tea tree oil, with its microbial properties protect and tackles the skin from propionibacterium .This specific bacterial infection propionibacterium causes inflammation.

Acne suffering especially on oily skin can also be rectified by using Tea tree oil. It actually controls the sebum production (oil), which will ultimately diminish the size of the pores, so that less oil gets accumulated in them, that results in acne free skin.

The ability of Tea tree oil mixing up with natural oils generated by sebaceous glands, can be really effective in preventing the acne caused by clogged pores. Tea tree oil contains the ability to penetrate and cleanse the pores easily, which is ultimately beneficial in eradicating the growth of harmful bacteria and results in healthy skin. With anti oxidant and other nutrients, it helps to beautify the skin and make it healthy. Not only preventing acne, Tea tree oil also helps to reduce the scars and calming the redness and swelling. It can be said that Tea tree oil can work as a rescuer for all those people who often find themselves in continual acne cycle.

How Tea Tree oil prevents Acne

Never use Tea tree oil directly on skin - Tea tree oil should not be used directly as it can cause allergy. Mix it with oil or carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. However some theories suggest that mixing it with moisturizers can be more beneficial as sometimes, these oils can exacerbate the acne more. It is always preferred to take a patch test applying it in skin.

How Tea Tree oil prevents Acne 2021

Use a product containing Tea tree oil - For best results incorporate a product that contains the formulations of tea tree oil like, Kassaya Tea tree oil face wash with Tea tree oil, green tea extracts, neem and other complimentary ingredients. The antioxidant and anti bacterial properties of the Kassaya Tea tree oil face wash for oily and dry skin will help you to overcome a wide range of skin ailments ranging from acne, blemishes, oily skin, dryness, uneven skin tone etc. With its exfoliation techniques, it aids to penetrate the dead skin cells from deep within to unclog the pores for preventing acne, and controls the production of sebum (oil) .Free from chemicals like paraben and sulphate, you can use this without the fear of any allergens.

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