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Dry Skin causes, How to prevent Dry Skin

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Dry skin is a skin condition when skin is dehydrated and lacks moisture, results in dry or flaky skin. Dry skin is also known as xerosis in the medical term. Dry skin is usually a common skin conditions, generally common in winter seasons when climate dries out.

It basically happens because of eradication of fatty substances of skin. Fatty substances also knows as lipids that overlay the skin for trapping the adequate  sebum that is needed for moisturizing the skin. However when this moisture sheet is eradicated from the skin, mostly because of environmental factors skin shows the patches of dryness, flakiness and even noticeable cracking and scaling.

Daily Moisturization

Symptoms of Dry skin-

Symptoms of dry can be subject to many things such as age, health, time spend outside, or location etc. You may have one of these symptoms, if you have dry skin.

  1. Itching
  2. Rough Dry skin
  3. Redness, cracked skin
  4. Grey, ashy skin
  5. Tight skin

Main causes of Dry skin can be-

  1. Excessive heat- Everything that reduces the humidity like heaters, central heating system, and wood burning stoves can cause the skin to dry.
  2. Hot showers- Hot showers or bath for long time can also make your skin dry, or flaky. Especially chlorine a chemical used in swimming pools, also can make your skin dry.
  3. Harsh soaps- Soaps, shampoos or other detergent based products can eradicate the moisture from the skin, because of their oil stripping properties. Because of this skin may reflect the signs of dryness.
  4. Weather- Winter season brings temperature and humidity down, that may result in harsh and dry skin. Also living in a dry climate without or less humidity can also make the skin dry.
  5. Skin conditions- Some skin condition likes eczema or psoriasis can also cause the skin to be dry.


 If you have a Dry Skin, Try these Techniques for preventing the skin from dryness

 1. Daily Moisturization- Moisturizing your skin daily, especially in winters can be really beneficial in giving your skin adequate amount of hydration that is needed .It essentially aids to increase the skin’s natural shield ,that works for trapping the essential oils and make your skin glow. Moisturizers infused with glycerin or ingredients that have similar formulations of glycerin, can works really well for dry skin and make it moisturized.

2. Gentle Cleanser- Face wash cleansers can be really beneficial for cleansing all the dirt and bacteria. Choose a face wash that is hydrating and moisturizing in nature, so that it can be able to cleanse the skin without disturbing the skin’s pH balance, which is really beneficial in maintaining skin’s moisture. For preventing the dry skin use Kassaya Tea Tree Oil face wash infused with tea tree oil, green tea extracts, aloe Vera, and glycerin, ashwagandha for both oily and dry skin. It is also free from chemicals like paraben and sulphate or any other skin drying ingredients. This face wash will surely help in providing adequate moisture for skin, in order to prevent the skin to be dry, bumpy or flaky.

Gentle Cleanser

3. Exfoliation- Dry and dull skin can also be the result of dead skin cells when they stuck on the surface of the skin and make the skin look dry. Using a scrub for exfoliation can works really well for revealing the fresh skin underneath the dead skin cells .Using a natural ingredient based like walnut or honey based scrub for exfoliation, twice a week. Exfoliation helps removing dead skin cells which ultimately leads to diminishing the dry patches of the skin.


4. Humidifiers- Humidifiers are used to add the adequate moisture in the air for indoors. Air conditioning (AC) and central heating system can make the air dry that leads to dry skin. Install a humidifier for increasing the moisture in the air, in the room where you spend most of the time. It is ultimately beneficial for retaining the moisture on the skin and prevent it drying out.


5 .Diet- Our diet and skin health has a direct relation. Skin needs the intake of fat foods for nourishment and prevent it from drying out. Fat food doesn’t mean junk food, it means foods rich with vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, citrus fruits, green vegetables, walnuts and sweet potatoes are also great source for providing the skin with adequate amount of hydration and moisture. Consumption of water minimum eight to ten glasses a day, can also aids in hydrating your skin and prevent form drying.


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