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How to get rid of Acne scars

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 Acne is the most common skincare problem that almost everyone suffers once in their lifetime. Acne, Pimples can affect your skin’s appearance and even your self confidence but acne scars are even worse. The long term acne scars are enough to annoy anyone. There are many treatments and remedies to help get rid of acne scars. We have to understand about acne and how it happens before considering the remedies to treat acne.

When acne breakout happens body produces collagen in order to repair the damage. Because of this abnormal collagen production it results in acne scars that can be a long term skincare problem. In case the body produces less collagen the scar will be less noticeable however if the healing takes time and the severity of the collagen is high, it results in bumpy and raised scar.

Acne Scar Treatment Home Remedies

 There are many factors that are responsible for the development of acne scars.

  1. Genetic factors - You are also at a possible risk of developing acne scars if someone from your family members also got acne scars too.
  2. Excessive Sun exposure - Excessive sun exposure can also cause the normal tissue in the skin that can cause acne scars.
  3. Picking or touching pimples - Picking or touching pimples can trigger inflammation that can make the acne scars even worse.
  4. Lifestyle factors - Lifestyle factors like unhealthy eating practices can also cause acne scars.

There are many medical treatments and natural home remedies that can be really beneficial to get rid of acne scars.

Home remedies to treat acne scars

How to get rid of Acne scars - Kassaya

  1. Honey - Honey is rich with anti-bacterial properties. Honey can be applied directly to the acne scars, blemishes etc. With its anti-bacterial properties honey can heal the wounds on skin quickly which is turn can minimize the potential of acne scars. It is also able to heal the infections, burns etc. 

    Apply honey directly on scars and leave it for overnight before rinsing your face in the morning.

  2. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is also infused with anti-Inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Aloe Vera gel which is available in many skincare products or you can take fresh Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze the gel out of this. Apply the Aloe Vera gel directly on the acne and pimple spots and massage on to the skin. It will surely help minimize the inflammation and help fading the acne scars.

  3. Lemon juice - Lemon juice is helpful in lightening the skin as well as minimizing the discoloration of skin. That is the reason why many advocate the effectiveness of lemon juice in fading the acne and pimple marks.
    Take some amount of lemon juice and dab it on the acne marks with the help of cotton. Let the lemon juice dries up on the skin before rinsing your face with water.

  4. Turmeric - Turmeric powder is infused with anti-inflammatory properties and it is also really effective in fading the acne scars and dark spots. Take Turmeric powder, Honey, milk and lemon juice and make a paste with these ingredients. Apply this paste on the skin and let it dry before washing your face with water.

  5. Potato juice - Potato juice can also be really beneficial in fading the acne scars and other spots on the skin.
    Slice the potato in slim slices and put it on the area affected with acne scars. Rinse your face with water after few minutes.

Medical Treatments -

Home remedies to treat acne scars - Kassaya

  1. Chemical peels - Chemical peel is a solution to the acne scar by removing the top layer of the skin with the help of chemical solution and results in new regenerated and smoother skin free from acne scars and discoloration. Chemical peel can be really beneficial in treating scars, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots etc. from the skin.

  2. Laser treatments - Laser treatments are used for revealing the fresh and younger looking skin beneath using the focused light therapy techniques. It helps to reduce or fade the appearance of acne scars and other spots without using the chemicals. However it is not suitable for everyone like if someone has sensitive skin. Skin may swell or turns red or itchy in some cases.

  3. Microneedling - Microneedling is the procedure of stimulating the collagen production by using needles to create tiny holes around scars. The increased production of collagen helps in reducing the acne scars, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration. There can be some temporary side effects like pain, redness etc.

  4. Dermal fillers - For reducing the appearance of acne scars dermal fillers treatment can be used. Collagen based substance like hyaluronic acid can be used to smooth and even the skin by filling the acne scars. Dermal fillers is a temporary treatment lasting for 6-8 months after treatment.

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